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SWALEDALE North Yorkshire
The Beaufort Scale of Wind Force
The Beaufort Scale of Wind Force
The weather data is collected by a Davis Weather Monitor II weather station, and connected to this are the following sensors:
External temperature and humidity sensor.
Atmospheric pressure sensor.
Anemometer and wind vane.
Rain gauge.
Inside temperature and humidity sensor.
Weather Link Software
Weather Link data logger.
The equipment is located on the north side of the dale between Reeth and Gunnerside, at an elevation of approximately 240m (787 feet).
When possible, the readings are read from the weather station at half hourly intervals and are uploaded to the web site. The date and time of the readings is shown at the top of the list. Recent high and low temperatures, low wind chill, rainfall and high wind speed are the values since the Weather Monitor’s memory was last cleared (usually midnight every day).
History graphs: The temperature is sampled every 15 seconds. The high and low plotted values are the maximum and minimum of those samples from each day. The wind chill is calculated every half hour by taking the average temperature and average wind speed over that time. The daily minimum of these calculated values is used in the graph. Note: This is not the same as the ‘Recent low wind chill’ which is an instantaneous value. The pressure (corrected to sea level) and humidity is sampled every half an hour. The daily high and low values, which are used in the graphs, are the maximum and minimum of those samples from each day. The wind speed is constantly monitored for a maximum value, and the peak daily value is plotted as the "Daily high wind speed".
The humidity sensor was re-calibrated during 2010 because the maximum values appeared to be in error at certain times. The change can be clearly seen on the history graphs.
To provide more data on the web site, various daily values are compiled into text file listings. The ‘Early’ data is from the time that readings were started for the web site up to a date that will normally be within a few months of the present date. The ‘Recent’ data is updated every day at 01:35hrs, and overlaps the ‘Early’ data. To import this data into a spread sheet, first save as a text file, then import to the spread sheet as a "space delimited" text file. The two files can then be combined as required.
The weather station is run for personal interest, and the web site has been set up to enable more people to have access to the data. It may be noted that the Davis Weather Link Software stores considerably more data than is shown on this web site, and can also provide information such as the TH index, dew point, etc.
Technical Information and the Beaufort Scale